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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Health Equity

Education Equity

Economic Justice

Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Expanding Democracy & Equality


One APIA Nevada understands the hardships and difficulties of this unprecedented time, especially in our community. We are committed to supporting members of our community, especially the most vulnerable.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, at least 1,900 hateful incidents towards Asian Americans have occurred in 46 states. At least 1 out of 3 Americans report witnessing individuals blame the Asian American community for the pandemic and reports of assault against Asians have been on the rise.


In Nevada, 9 percent of Asian Americans lack health insurance. There are various factors as to why the APIA community cannot gain access to healthcare but among some of the strongest determinants are language barriers, lack of cultural competency and immigration-based barriers.

We will work towards breaking these barriers and helping to secure access to every APIA ethnicity group in Nevada. We understand that some individuals qualify for health insurance but are unable to get access due to language and cultural disparities. 


The Asian Pacific Islander American group is the fastest growing group in the nation and in Nevada. Yet, our group is often unaccounted for in surveys, polls and studies. Our community has also had historically low voter turnout, which explains why politicians and political organizations have failed to reach out to us in the past elections.

Our goal is to increase representation for our community and get individuals to participate in the values that matter to them. We no longer want to be left out in statistics and we want to have an astounding presence in society.