President Trump Sues Nevada and Several Bills Pass Nevada Legislature

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

This is an overview on some of the most important bills that passed in the Nevada Legislature.

Carson City, NV: After six days of legislative work in Nevada's 32nd special session, four bills were passed that the governor has signed or plans to sign. Perhaps the most controversial of the bills Governor Sisolak signed is Assembly Bill 4, which allows expanded mail-in voting options for elections affected during emergencies.

Only a day after Governor Sisolak signed this piece of legislation, President Trump sued the state of Nevada claiming that "Nevada has ZERO infrastructure for mail-in voting."

Although voter fraud is a concern for the GOP, even Nevada's Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske admitted there were no reports of voter fraud in the June primary.

Nevada Legislature also passed Assembly Bill 3, which calls for police reform. This bill not only bans chokeholds and excessive use of force, but also requires intervention if another officer is seen using excessive force. However, some activists claim this bill did not go far enough.

Lawmakers also tackled the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, including worker liability and unemployment benefits. Senate Bill 3 would expand benefit compensation during the pandemic and extend federal funded benefits for seven more weeks. Senate Bill 4 would provide protection for workers in most businesses.

According to Sisolak, Nevada's unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. He appointed former Democratic Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley to handle the unemployment claims in the state.

"I hear you. I am listening and I am taking action," said Sisolak.

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