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2022 Voter Outreach



Doors Knocked


Households Reached via Direct Mail


Total Impressions

The AANHPI community is growing rapidly, accounting for 1 in 10 voters, and has the power and numbers to be the voice of change in Nevada. We coordinate the in-state electoral efforts of local and national organizations, engage in direct voter contact, and uplift the voices of the APIA community through issue advocacy and holding elected officials accountable.

During the 2022 midterm elections, we focused on issue advocacy, civic engagement & voter education:

  • Supporting candidates that advocate for and outreach to APIAs in office & in campaigns

  • Educating voters on the ballot initiatives that would positively impact APIAs and their families

  • Targeted reminders of when and how to vote, in-language, in-person (canvassing, events), over the phone (phonebanking, texting), across digital, TV, ethnic media & social platforms in 14 languages: Sinhala, Mandarin, Tagalog, Urdu, Arabic, Malayalam, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Armenian, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Khmer.

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