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Why (AAP)I Vote



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WHY (AAP)I VOTE is a PSA that showcased the diverse faces and issues of the APIA community ahead of the 2022 elections. Unlike other PSAs and those of the past, it was produced completely in-house and featured One APIA Nevada staff and local organizers who work with the APIA community in Nevada day in and day out.


For the first time ever, we partnered with Pacific Campaign House to run some of the first-ever GOTV ads in AMC, Cinemark Movie Theatres, and Regal Cinemas in densely-populated APIA neighborhoods in Nevada.

But our efforts didn’t stop in the theaters; we also identified APIA voters who saw our ad in theaters and remarketed subsequent ads to them on digital platforms. Our strategy included the following:

  • Running our PSA across 222 big screens across 16 theaters.

  • Running our PSA every 15 minutes on flat-screen TVs in theater lobbies across select movie theaters.

Through a retargeting marketing campaign, we identified APIA moviegoers and delivered an average video completion rate of 78.21% (317K video completions), well above the industry standard of ~65%.

According to Pacific Campaign House, collectively and by platform, our completion rate metrics are exceptional—exceeding every benchmark average for skippable ads. Our video was so captivating that viewers opted to finish it, even when they could skip it.

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